Who do you use it?

Mamaceram is designed to relieve discomfort that can arise in the breasts area such as itching, dryness, tenderness, cracking, itching or scaling that may appear in different stages of a woman’s life, and for different causes.

Given it is used for prevention reasons, I recommend to start its use 2 months before birth, for one or two hours a day, after having smeared the aerolas with olive oil – to be, if at all possible, ecological and its first grip in cold.

If you start using them when you are already breastfeeding, place them after breastfeeding without cleaning the breast, that is, with saliva and milk. The areoles are held in place with the fastener itself and are NOT a replacement for soaking discs.



  1. Aerolas
  2. Soaking disc
  3. Fastenes



The combination of the remains of breast milk and baby’s saliva in the nipple after each intake, along with the contact of areoles, increases the benefits.

It is recommended that they are used between intakes, for a maximum of one hour. They will be removed as soon as the discomfort has gone, and the time will depend on each woman. It is advisable not to wear them continuously, since they can soften the area due to the lack of perspiration.

As far as possible, it is advisable for the breasts to receive sun and air. It is not necessary to clean the nipple before each intake, but if you need it, you can do it with a gauze and saline solution (without rubbing).

For other cases, such as after surgery, it is recommended to use Mamaceram as soon as the suture has been removed. The area is very sensitive and the teatcups relieve this symptom as well as avoid the friction with the bra, which can be very annoying during those first days. You can also spread them with olive oil and increase the benefits.