Recycle your Mamaceram and celebrate breasfeeding

We have thought that one way to use your Mamaceram, once you no longer need them to relieve the discomfort, is to recycle your areolas mammary into a candle. In the box where you receive your Mamaceram you will find the necessary kit to reconvert your areolas in an aromatic candle with which to celebrate what makes you happy: that your baby celebrates his first year, that you continue breastfeeding, although now without discomfort, or anything else you want to celebrate.


As you know, the properties of operculus wax are infinite, and among them, the benefits for people suffering from respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, allergies, etc.) as a result of inhaling this type of 100% ecological wax during its combustion. If you make the candle, you will realise when you light it that it has a very pleasant aroma, which has nothing to do with conventional candles; you will never want it to end.

How to make your candle

Melt the two wax areolas over low heat (the process is fast). Use a used saucepan, although it is easily cleaned with paper. Have the wick ready in the container you will pour the melted wax into. Once the wax is warm, pour it carefully so as not to spill it, holding the wick with a clamp in the centre of the container and let it cool until it is solid again. The candle is ready.

Now blow the candle!

We also explain this through this simple video