Who is behind of MamaceraM

Lidia Blanco

MamaceraM’s owner

This is a product that is the result of the wonderful experience of being a mother.

My name is LidiaI am an Assistant Nurse and a Dental Hygienist and now also an entrepreneurial mother, inventor of the mammary areolas MamaceraM. Being a mother awakened in me a facet that I had not even imagined. I have two beautiful daughters, Duna and Mar. It was with my first daughter and the need to seek relief during breastfeeding, that I discovered the soothing and healing power of operculum wax. This wax enabled me to continue with the breastfeeding and, most importantly for me, for my daughter’s, since I consider it to be one of the most beautiful things we can pass on to our children.
So, during breastfeeding periods, I decided start the production and commercialisation of  bee-wax mammary aerolas approved, in order to help so many other women who may find themselves in a similar situation to mine. These aerolas are comfortable, harmless, reusable and ecological.
For us and for the physical and emotional health of our children, here you have MamaceraM.



All women, and being mammals as we are (it is important we do not forget this), have been enabled by nature to breastfeed our babies. Just like the cow with its calf, dogs or cats, do we put in doubt when our dog has puppies whether it will be able to feed them?

Based on these premises, women do not need any special treatment to breastfeed. However, some of our current lifestyle habits, such as the synthetic or lycra garments we use, do not allow our skin to transpire properly. This makes the breasts, and the skin surrounding them, more sensitive to rubbing or friction. In these cases, it is necessary to use certain care treatments to avoid such inconveniences that could actually lead to abandoning breastfeeding.

The wax areolas worked perfectly for me, and allowed me to enjoy breastfeeding with both my daughters. That is why I have been promoting the use of this great natural product for seven years, as is breastfeeding our children.

Thank you for wanting to give your babies the best food they can receive in their first months of life: breast milk. Women who do not disconnect from their own nature and defend being connected to our biological roots should be applauded and supported.

You certainly have a friend and supporter in me, and delighted to help you out in the adaption process of breastfeeding.

Thanks for spending your precious and limited time in learning about me.